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Miramare the historic hotel in Civitanova Marche

The Miramare Hotel is the oldest and most important historic accommodation facility in the city. Built between the two wars in the main square (XX Settembre), on the side overlooking the sea, the Hotel has always been the characteristic hub that unites the city to the beach (the "Lido" of Civitanova). For this reason, since its origins, it has developed in a completely natural way the double vocation of business stay, aimed at the city, and holiday stay, aimed at the sea.

Taken over in the seventies by the Torresi family, currently owners, the Hotel has undergone major renovations which, while in compliance with the original architectural characteristics, have perfected its functionality in relation to the new hospitality needs.

The recent, important restyling should also be understood in this sense. Which, on the one hand, reconfigured the receptive structural aspect (number and size of rooms), on the other, perfected the stylistic features of the various environments, enhancing the aspects linked to elegance and the "cosmopolitan" taste, typical of the traveler's philosophy.

Itself characterized by a passion for travel, the owner family is incessantly dedicated to the development and stylistic refinement of the Hotel. This is demonstrated by the attention to the outdoors: a very large garden, reserved for guests, for outdoor dining or take a sunbath.

Recently the Hotel has been enriched with a bistro (the "Ciacco"), which condenses the aesthetic traits and the imprint of great elegance from which every aspect, environment and detail of the Hotel Miramare originates, a historical - and renewed - icon of Civitanova Marche.