• Le Marche: an infinite region

    The Marche is a lot, Marche are a lot: explore them starting from Hotel Miramare

    An experience for those who visit it. The Marche region is many: many things together. The mountains and the sea, in 30 km. The countryside, which, like a puzzle, tiles and colors the crops of the tiny agricultural plots. And then the cities: from small villages to the most well-known centres, there is no urban agglomeration that is not “pure history”. Let's think of Civitanova itself: its lower part with the Lido, the nightlife, the bustling activities. In its upper part - on a promontory overlooking the sea - a different - yet so characteristic - physiognomy of the Marche region takes shape: the Borgo.

    At the Hotel Miramare we advise our guests on the beauties of the area, hidden pearls to discover - by land and sea, the best paths, excursions and experiences.

    We are a comfort center, but also a hub of exploration: for the Marche.



Tours, experiences and excursions in Le Marche